Saturday, November 29, 2008

Puppy #2

Here are some pictures of Puppy. Actually we named all four of our dogs "puppy" as we don't want to get too attached.

For today, let's call her puppy #2.

She's trying to ignore me.
Puppy! Look this way...I'm trying to take your picture.

I really don't appreciate how she is looking at me
in this picture. I just told her to "get off the chair".
She's a boxer and the only pure breed that we own. The other dogs are all strays that people dumped. You would think with Puppy #2 being a pure breed that she would have better manners---but she doesn't.

As you can see we tied a orange ribbon around her neck. Our dogs don't like collars, but it’s deer season in Indiana and we don’t want them to get shot.

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